Production team and collaborators


Ignasi P. Ferré – Director

Filmmaker: Director, producer, scriptwriter and professor, born in Valls, (Alt Camp). Ignasi P. Ferré was trained in cinematography in Berlin and the Cinecittà Sperimentale Center in Rome. This opened the doors to the Italian cinematographic industry and allowed him to work in the management teams of renowned directors such as Silvano Agosti, Marco Bellocchio, Tinto Brass and Michelangelo Antonioni.

Back in Catalonia, he settled in Barcelona and began working as a director assistant until his debut in the field of directing with the Morbus Films in 1983. Then came Qui t’estima, Babel? In 1987, with Mercedes Sampietro and Assumpta Serna, with which he won the Best Film Award at the Mostra de les Autonomies at the Eivissa Film Festival in 1989. The film was also selected for the Mostra de Cine Mediterrani de Valencia, was the representative for Spain at the Gijon Film Festival in 1989, and won a nomination for the best original soundtrack in the Ondas Awards.

In 1990 he directed the comedy Un submarí a les estovalles with Rosa Maria Sardà, Ariadna Gil and José Zazatornil “Saza”. The film was selected for the CoIonia Festival (Germany). In 1991 for the Funy Film Festival of Milan (Italy), for Aberystwyth in Wales (United Kingdom), 1991 and for the Festival du Cinema in Tetouan (Morocco), 1993. In 2007, Instituto Cervantes selected Un submarí a les estovalles to be exhibited in the “Cine del Cielo”: “Sueño del Alamdalus” – and was presented in Rabat and Tanger (Morocco) and Beirut (Lebanon).

Continuing in the field of comedy, the following film Un plaer indescriptible, 1992, which was the first Catalan film distributed by Buena Vista International (Walt Disney) and had the Best Comedy Award in the Salerno Film Festival (Italy) 1993. In 1994 he directed for Televisió de Catalunya S.A. Quin curs el meu tercer, a TV movie based on the homonymous novel by Oriol Vergés. In 2006, he directed the documentary El Capitán Trueno, the illusion to the myth, for the Víctor Mora Foundation. In 2007 he directed the Sitges Nagasaki Feature Film, which is the star of the world champion of swimming David Meca. In 2013, Mossos d’Esquadra, cat 1640 – 2008, history of the Catalan police and Mossos d’Esquadra, cat – a European police that are released in commercial halls in May 2014.

In addition to his successful career as a director, with fictional feature films, documentary filmmakers, reports and advertising, Ignasi P. Ferré has also been involved in the film industry as an Executive Producer with 10 independent short films, 6 feature films “11 Nuevos Directores Catalanes” from the Image Promotion Center, 9 documentaries and 3 short films for the Cinematographic Productions TA, S. Coop. Ltda. He has also been co-producer in the projects of Ixia Films, S.A. for three years, of the producer Tursen, S.A., of Aktino Films, S. L. and today of “NPA” Nuevos Proyectos Audiovisuales, S.L.

In December 2006, the distributor, Acràsia Corp., was created. S.L. with a group of film professionals.
In January 2009, he created and organized the National Network of Cinema in Catalonia, a network of exhibition halls for Films of Films and documentaries spread throughout the Catalan-speaking territory.
On May 13, 2010, he obtained the National Prize for Essay Francesc Ferrer i Gironès with the essay on history: Som Íbers i encara hi som.

In his teaching role he has been and is, professor of various public and private institutions.


David Cuscó i Escudero

Born in Andorra in 1973. Graduate in English Philology and Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature. He has written texts in Catalan (Level K) and for more than 16 years he has worked as a teacher of Catalan and English. As a translator, he has offered unpublished texts by George Steiner, Primo Levi, Clarice Lispector, Georges Perec, Edmond Jabès, Norman Manea, Roland Barthes, Raymond Carver, Maria Zambrano, John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Henri Meschonnic, Claude Lanzmann , Georges Didi-Huberman, Marcel Proust, Giorgio Pressburger, Charles Baudelaire, Robert Louis Stevenson, Clifford Geertz, André Aciman and Albert Camús, among others. He directs the cultural magazine El funambul, the Editorial El Flaneur and is preparing a radio literary program that will be broadcast weekly on Ràdio Vilafranca. He collaborates with the cultural journals Núvol, Lemúria, Llengua Nacional i Raices..


Laura Miró Bonnín

Born in Palma de Mallorca in 1992. He graduated in History from the University of the Balearic Islands in 2014 and finalized the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training in 2016. His line of research has been based on the a question of the contemporary age, as is shown by his publications in Randa: ‘The xueta question in the nineteenth century’ and ‘The condition xueta in the 20th century’. He has also worked on the didactic applicability of the Jewish and Xueta theme in Mallorca. He has participated as speaker at the Contemporary History Days of the UIB (2016) and at the Studies Days of Ramon Picó i Campamar (2016).


Ramon Vallès Martínez – Productor

Was born in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, on the July 19th, 1950. He has participated in the production teams of “El gran Serafí”, “Jamón, Jamón” (Bigas Luna) and “El joven Indiana Jones” (Antena 3). He has also produced short fictions such as “Sween” (with Juanjo Puigcorbé and Montse Bayo) or “Un assumpte personal” (directed by Francesc Garcia Donet). He has been TV and radio producer (ETV-Llobregat Televisió and Cadena Catalana). Promoter and programmer of concerts and projections from 1985 to 2007. Coproducer of a documentary about traditional Catalan flamenco (“Cartes de l’oncle Àngel”) and the documentary series “Roms catalans. Música d’arrel gitana” for the local TV network..




It’s a magazine published monthly in Catalan, which since 1993 is specialized in the diffusion of pop-rock made in the Catalan language throughout the Catalan Countries.


It is a magazine in Catalan language of historical dissemination and monthly periodicity, it is the most read in Catalan with 135,000 readers per month, according to the data published in the General Media Survey (EGM).

Acció Cultural del País Valencià

It is a civic association created in 1971 but legalized with the restoration of democracy in 1978. Its objective is the promotion of the language and culture of the Valencian Country, and of the civil consciousness that derives from it. It was founded by Joan Fuster, Manuel Sanchis Guarner, Andreu Alfaro, Eliseu Climent and Joan Francesc Mira. Edit the magazine ‘El Temp’ and promote the ‘October Awards’.

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